Project Pitchfork Interview

As Project  Pitchfork is giving soon a concert in Budapest I wanted to give  you a chance to know more about the band, Peter itself, and the motivation behind the Project. Peter was so kind to answer my questions, so please find the interview with him below.


 Cassandra: The band has been founded in 1991; you had the 20 year anniversary in 2011. First of all congratulation for it. Did you give some special shows? What do you think, the reason that P.P. is still successful is the creativity, or the fact the band is able to renew time by time?

Peter Spilles: Thank you very much. No, we did not give special anniversary shows, but we played some big festivals, such as Mera Luna. The reason why Project Pitchfork is still successful, is besides the creativity, the structure of the dark scene. The people in the scene do not follow short term trends and hypes. Because of this the dark scene has many very good bands and projects which produce outstanding quality over many years.

Cassandra: You have 2 side projects as well. IMATEM is the more sentimental one, and “Santa Hates you” is the sharper, electronic. Is this different conscious, or your given mood determines what project you working on?

PS: First off, I have to say that „Santa Hates You“ is NOT a „side project“ but a real, fully fledged BAND.
The difference in the musical styles is definitely conscious and wanted. I don‘t like to mix things up. Also, when working on a Santa Hates You release, you also have to consider the input of Jinxy: because of the collaboration between her and me the final result is bound to sound different from my other bands.

Cassandra: With IMATEM you told the guest musician write their own lyrics. It means they have more effect on the music itself, or you send them the music and they can write the lyrics on the music? How is to work with several different people? Is that a big challenge or an extra plus motivation?

PS: I gave life to IMATEM to create and celebrate a unity among the different musicians and vocalists of the international dark scene, so: the more, the merrier! No big challenge there, but a lot of excitement and motivation! The working method for an IMATEM release is that I send my guest singers a fully completed instrumental track. They are free to write any lyric they want and then they perform their vocals on it. They send them back to me, I mix the song anew, add some more of my flavour to it, and boom! – an IMATEM song is born.


Cassandra: When you worked together with Sara Noxx you produced a song „ Earth Song”. Do you feel responsible to give attention for these problems? However from the lyrics as I see it is not only a critic of environmental problems, but a general critic of the behaviour of Humans. The government, and that the fact that everybody is aware what is happening but we don’t do anything….

PS: On the „Earth Song“ version that you are mentioning, I added some lyrics to the ones already existing, produced it and I gave it a whole new twist. Yes, your observations are correct: the criticism is against the faulty human ways which lead to such things as environmental disasters and social catastrophes.

Cassandra:  Do you think this brutality is the part of people? Can we do something against it?

PS: Yes, brutality is part of human kind, but we can overcome it by education, and by taking the focus of attention to sympathy. A little less judgemental behaviour and a little more caring can move mountains.

Cassandra:  Your latest album has been released in 2011 August „ Quantum Mechanics”. Did you write this album alone as well? (I read that you wrote the “ Dream Tiresias “ alone. ) How can we imagine this: When it is done you invite Dirk and Jürgen for a beer, and introduce the album, or time by time you show them what you have? :)

PS: Like it already happened on the great majority of all other Project Pitchfork albums, I entirely composed and wrote “Quantum Mechanics”, and „Continuum Ride“ as well.  I guess that‘s because -as my friends say- I am „constantly kissed by The Muse“,  I‘m always in a good workflow to write an album all by myself. Juergen is very busy as a sound technician touring the world with several artists and he is much in demand. Dirk was working on his different side projects. The guys know I am the creator of Project Pitchfork, and it is totally OK with them. Mostly, for logistic reasons, I present them the whole finished albums, although some other times, when the occasion arises, I also show them single songs as I complete them.

Cassandra: My favourite is the Lament from this album, you sing about a love, you cannot live without…are you this sentimental person, thinking much about love?

PS: The song „Lament“ deals with the tragedy of loss. This theme can be explicated at its best through the portrayal of the loss of a beloved person, as it is something that all of us experience in life. I don‘t know if I am a sentimental person, I think I‘m just a man who‘s in contact with his inner world and his feelings. That‘s all. :)

Cassandra: In this video I can see people who are fighting, kissing.. But at the same time girls fighting to each others, and guys kissing each others…could you please tell me what the motivation behind this video is?

PS: The video was conceived to have many semantic layers. On one level, the characters in the video are symbols. They represent individuals and at the same time the myriad of facets that we all enclose in ourselves. However, on another level, I won‘t deny that the choice of showing the scenes you describe, is a clear statement against homophobia, bigotry and prejudice of any kind. There are also other levels to the video, but they are there to be discovered by each viewer for him/herself.


Cassandra:   The second song what is very interesting for me is the Radical Business, where you crab rich people, who make their money on penalty of others. Could you tell us the story of the song?

PS: Well, undeniably the inspiration for this song came from the actual developments in the global economy. I have already treated this theme in the past, but, unluckily, instead of improving, the situation is getting more and more disastrous. As long as I see a problem in the world, I won‘t get tired of standing up and rising my voice to condemn it. It‘s my duty as an artist and my prerogative as a human being.

Cassandra: I know it is important to you to give message to your songs. Can we say that they are all your opinion about governments and human brutality?

PS: We could even more precisely say, they are all my opinion about life.

Cassandra:  I see you will have a tour in Europe in the beginning of 2012. You mentioned when you were in Canada that you would have a tour in the USA as well. Do you have any news on that tour?

PS: We toured the USA in 2009 and in 2010. This year we plan to tour there again in summer.

Cassandra:  You will visit Hungary as well. Have you ever been in Budapest? What do you expect from this concert?

PS: It will be our first time ever in Hungary and we are very much looking forward to it.

Cassandra:  What do you know about Hungary?  :) Please tell something to your fans in Hungary!

PS: What we hear and read in the medias over here might not be the whole truth about your country. The actions of politicians do not always necessarily mirror the ideals and the wishes of the citizens of a nation. So this will be the perfect opportunity for us to get to know your country first hand.
We want to see you dance, sing and mosh to our songs. We guarantee you a great time and a fantastic party with us! See you soon!

I would say thank you Peter for the answer, they are very interesting. What we can promise you to introduce some really “Hungaricum” ( Hungarian specialities) from our country like a special drink ” Pálinka”, the best dishes , and of course I hope you will feel the popular Hungarian hospitality as well.

Looking forward to see and hear your here :)