Industrial Boom Festival Budapest

It is starting….three day festival held in “Dürer Kert”. The name of the organizer Black Head Agency gives us a guarantee that we have friendly staff, and good environment.
The first day is “Belgian calling”, with several great bands. However I watched all the bands, there was too many to collect all the impression of the concerts. I selected some bands because of the feelings, the sounds, or moods; I would like to share with you.

The first day is about SUICIDE COMMANDO. Not because this was the best concert ever in the festival, but because all the fans were crazy about Johan, and this music. Johan is so nice  spending  time with his fans,  talking with them, giving time to ask all the questions they would like to add.
The concert was fantastic, dynamic, and sick….the pictures at the background, the aggression of Johan, and the brutal text of the songs…people simply went to crazy for the songs, hitting each others, dancing like they would like to really push to the surface their daily aggression.


We are listening songs from the album “Implements of Hell”, but we can find special favourites from the past, like “Blind, torture, and kill” or Hellraiser, the song he has to play every time!
The show was great combination of the nice person like Johan, cannot cover the love on his face according to his fans, and the way he sings “Blind, torture, and kill”….  :)
We are going home, because everybody is tired after the show. Usually it is said after a really good concert you cannot simply go to sleep…you don’t want to sleep, you would like to keep this mood, these feeling for a long time, just taste them again…and again….


bm10_atmeretezve.jpgThe second day is the “German calling”, and we call them different ways :) the best concert is the BLITZMASCHINE in the sense Holger gives the best mood for the fans. We are dancing, we are happy, and he is so cute, really as a woman I can say, cute…. We are not happy that they do not have more time with us, but before they leave a sound appears from Combichrist “Hey you, what the fuck is wrong with you”….the only one wrong thing is that you really should entertain us further.
What is strange for me, that it sounds better than on the albums, I mean a real live show music, enjoyable in any sense in live.
The Next band is the LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, who plays a Bonanza song „ Induljon a banzáj”, what can I say. If you would like to be loved, learn how to say „ Good evening” in Hungarian, if you would like to be  successful for sure, play a song from one the most popular band in Hungary….The concert is very popular, every guy are again in front of the stage and dancing….


The third day starts again with a Hungarian band. I would like to introduce them for you:  NOTHING NADA….please remember for this name, for the future hopefully we will see them soon again. The sound was great, and the songs are very enjoyable. .. Alexandra has a very nice, special voice, giving an extra sound for the band.
All the songs are good, what I would miss is the Evanescence song, because maybe it is a little bit too much for her. But anyway, thank you for the concert, it was fantastic!
The best sound is for MONOLITH. This is music is definitely comes from another planet.  I really think that it is something different, special, giving a mystic feeling for the whole show. Everybody is there again, dancing, or just simply enjoy the music itself. The other bands from yesterday, or from today are there listening the music. For me it is a little bit scary, because it has a special mood…this extra sound with this voices from the past gives the sound of the forgotten times.


The cutest band of the day is MARLOW. Robert is so sweet really gives himself, appreciating every smile on the face of the people. Also Gary has a very nice voice, he usually plays on keyboard. The song he sings is very beautiful, keeps us in the typical world of synthi –pop, giving warm happy feeling inside. We are dancing as well, this time the guys have a rest because after Monolith they have to drink something. We are who really appreciate the nice guy on the stage giving his heart to us.


The KLINIK is the next. What can I say…Oh my God….he is increadable…full of energy, a little bit definitely crazy… (Sorry Dirk)….The music is again enjoyable much more in live, that on the albums…the best show during the 3 days. He is scary… a little bit dancing?! and pushing the guys again to dance, and hit each others… we are starting to worry about the friends in the middle, really they are totally brutal, I am not sure the music makes this with them, or Dirk…what I am sure in, Dirk is a guy, who can love you and kill you at the same time…so good girls, please go home :)


The last band is the KLOQ, with a special guest. The singer is very young giving his own personality to the show, and well done, we enjoy it. The band is totally professionally, and however I know the style is not correct, they are like a Rock band, pushing you dance, smile, and happiness. Then THE one and only Douglas McCarthy is on the stage and everybody is going mad. WOW….he is dancing, giving you all the feeling you should have in a concert. You are touched, and wild at the same time. The friend just feel that we have some special together at this moment, just  a smile, just music is the best thing in the world, just his energy gives us feeling to survive…It was  special moment watching them hugging each others, and we did the same. A perfect end of the festival, of the night, we went to sleep and always remember for the moment gives us a lot to feel.


Cassandra 2011.03.29